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Artificial Intelligence and the Search for a Soulmate

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Gabriela Patrón
ByPor Gabriela Patrón

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In an increasingly helter-skelter world, personal relationships have been declining, and looking for a romantic date can be a complicated task. As such, many users have turned to online dating applications like Tinder for casual hookups. The possibility to choose or reject someone with just a right of left swipe saves a lot of time, for those who aren’t looking for complications. But obviously, relationships with this type of app tend to be quite superficial. 

Different tech companies are trying to change this situation, using algorithms and artificial intelligence to help users find love. Here, we explain some of these to you: 

Facebook Dating. The great social network of millionaire Mark Zuckerberg looks to use its newest innovation to become another Cupid. Dating is an app that allows single users to look for the ideal partner through hobbies, common likes, events, and groups shared on Facebook. Complex algorithms go selecting and matching the most compatible people. 

Users can add their Instagram posts to their profiles. The most interesting option is that of “Secret Crush,” which allows you to select a possible platonic love from your Facebook and Instagram contacts.  If you contact also marks you as a “secret crush,” the application will send you an alert for a possible date. 

Security and privacy are key pillars for this online dating app. Users can be reported or blocked, in order to avoid cases of sexual assault through messaging. When you decide to go out on a date with a potential partner, you can share this information with a trusted contact. In addition, Facebook Dating gives you the option of looking for an ideal partner without your contacts finding out, in order to maintain more privacy. 

As of now, Facebook Dating is available in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, United States, Philippines, Guayana, Laos, Malaysia, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Singapore, Surinam, Thailand, Uruguay, and Vietnam. 

AIMM. Is defined as the “partner search engine with artificial intelligence.” This application, only available in the Apple App Store, uses this technology to learn a person’s likes. The virtual assistant will accompany users through the entire selection process. The most interesting part of this app is that it uses IBM Watson technology, artificial intelligence capable of responding to simple questions. 

Blindlove. This application is available for Android and iOS. Its unique particularity is that each user’s profile picture is blurred. The idea is to establish a romantic connection based on common likes, rather than mere physical appearance. 

Individuals can see a potential date’s age, name, and interests. They can begin conversations and send voice messages, in both the paid and free versions of the online dating app. 

There is an option called “Sneak Peak,” which allows you to see just a small fragment of the profile picture. With the option “Invite on a date,” the user is given various options to set up a meeting with her/his romantic interest. 

These applications, in big or small ways, use the potential of artificial intelligence to unite people worldwide. And if they are a help for single people, we’re left questioning how close we are to a future in which artificial intelligence decides our lives like an episode of Black Mirror