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Advantages & Disadvantages of Using ReactJS

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Anelisse Chanakos
ByPor Anelisse Chanakos

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What is ReactJS?

ReactJS is a flexible front-end open-source JavaScript library for creating user interface components that are reusable and created using declarative code. These components allow the more accessible and more efficient creation of UIs because there is no need to write thousands of lines of code to create a simple UI. Using declarative code to create components ensures that the development process is efficient and predictable. 

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What Is It Used For?

Created by Meta (formerly Facebook), React allows for an easier and more efficient way to build applications and is responsible for the app’s look and feel. Designers use React to create single-page applications, complex applications (if combined with other libraries), and mobile applications like WhatsApp and Instagram. 

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Advantages of Using ReactJS

  1. Easy to Learn

ReactJs, especially for people with a background in JavaScript,  is easy to learn and use. There are many tutorials, training materials, and documentation available, and the versatility of the library facilitates a more effortless and faster learning experience. 

  1. Less Coding

Dynamic web applications can take time and complex coding. However, with React, there’s no need for that, especially since the user and server versions of the application are very similar. 

  1. Reusable Components

Components are the backbone of React, and since you can reuse and combine them whenever you need to, it saves time and brain power. Developers don’t need to write new code for a component since they can use the similar functionalities that they’ve already made. 

  1. SEO Friendly 

React’s library is SEO friendly and contributes to a faster loading time and rendering speed – one of the main things SEO favors. SEO-friendly allows for better indexing and more traffic to your web application.

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Disadvantages of Using ReactJS

  1. Rapid Development

React’s rapid development may seem like a strange disadvantage, but its ever-changing and growing library can make keeping up to date a challenge. Developers may become frustrated as they repeatedly attempt to learn ReactJS and its new specifications.

  1. Lack of Proper Documentation

It’s hard to document changes that happen so often, especially knowing there will be new changes soon. The existing documents will give a good understanding of how React works. Still, the lack of documentation on the latest and continuous updates will make it a little challenging to have the complete picture. 

  1. Use of JSX

There are many mixed views about using JSX in React. Some developers see it as an advantage, others not so much. JSX is a JavaScript extension that allows more readable and interactive code. Though it allows for more dynamic and interactive components, many developers see JSX as too complex to use and learn.

ReactJS is one of the most popular open-source user interface libraries around. Many top companies use it to create and develop dynamic and interactive applications. WebCreek has expert React developers who not only know React like the back of their hands but are dedicated to researching and learning all its new developments, allowing the company and its customers to benefit from top-quality React development.