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Advantages & Disadvantages of C++

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Pedro Pazmiño
ByPor Pedro Pazmiño

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C++ is one of the most widely used programming languages. Developers created it to improve the C language for object-oriented programming, making it easier for them to manage larger codes, and create larger and more complex applications with fewer complications. 

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What is C++?

C++ is a middle-level, general-purpose, and free-form programming language that facilitates object-oriented, procedural, and generic programming. It has a clear and straightforward coding structure that allows for the reuse of codes across multiple programs and platforms. 

What do developers use it to do?

Many applications and programs today use C++ entirely or partially for their coding. Developers and programmers use it to develop applications, web browsers, operating systems, compilers, databases, and games. Google Chrome and Microsoft are the most popular applications we use that use this language.

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  1. Object-Oriented

Since C++ is object-oriented, developers can reuse the code in different applications to save time. Plus, where the code works successfully in other applications, developers can benefit from the reliability of the coding. 

  1. Portability

C++ is an adaptable multi-platform language. So,  developers can use it to run the same program on various operating systems and platforms regardless of its initial coding.

  1. Versatility

C++ can be used for many projects and functions. So, developers can use it for many projects– big or small, simple or complex. 

  1. Multi-paradigm

C++ is a multi-paradigm language. Paradigms deal with the planning and structure of the program. With multiple paradigms, including generic, imperative, and object-oriented, codes and programs can be written in many ways and styles. 

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  1. Hard to Learn

One thing many developers will tell you about this language is that it’s a complex language to learn. It takes a while to properly grasp the ins and outs of the language.

  1. Use of Pointers

Pointers are used as variable storage in C++ and tend to take up a lot of memory, especially when they are misused, which can cause crashing. These memory and crashing issues are important to note because the language is not always suitable for many devices.

  1. Security 

Though C++ can offer programmers a certain level of data security that other languages can’t, they still come with security issues. With its object-oriented nature, and features like pointers, friend functions, and global variables, using this language can pose notable security issues.