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Rafael Ríos
ByPor Rafael Ríos

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One of Stanley Kubrick’s most famous films is, without a doubt, 2001: A Space Odyssey, released in 1968. Since then, a whole series of space films have been produced following his Star Wars, Alien, Star Trek, and even Gravity, a film by Alfonso Cuarón starring Sandra Bullock and proving the seriousness of Mexican cinema outside of Mexico itself. But let’s go back to the beginning: in Kubrick’s film, a diverse team of specialists are led by an artificial intelligence named Hal 9000, on an expedition to the planet Jupiter, and encounter a mysterious object. In a way, the film’s script sets a scene that rings familiar to the work culture here at WebCreek: a leading algorithm and a multicultural team. So let’s move on in the odyssey…

It was precisely in 2001, when UNESCO adopted the Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity. This addresses the multiplicity and interaction of the cultures that coexist in the world, and that are part of the common heritage of humanity. It is something that, for the human race, is as necessary as biological diversity is for living organisms.

This diversity, which we will call multiculturalism, implies a variety of languages, religious beliefs, land management practices, art, music, social structure, crop selection, diet, and more; and, thanks to it, the whole experience of collective work is enriched.

Multiplication of talents

Teams working in offices around the world share a series of attributes that facilitate, streamline, and result in an adequate synergy of elements to create optimal and timely results. If we consider that communication and collaboration are essential for the proper performance of a company’s work, can may thus better understand one of the determining factors in WebCreek’s success. This software company has offices worldwide, with headquarters in Houston, Texas, and a second front in the ancestral city of Lviv, Ukraine. Other strategic teams are located in Mexico City, Medellin, Lima, Calgary, Quito, and Barcelona. The most interesting aspect of this global collaboration is that, thanks to tools such as Jira or HubStaff, teams may work remotely and remain interconnected to all members. They collaborate in real-time and share the advances, changes, and corrections that others make in their common projects. This then translates into greater efficiency through expeditious and constant communication.

Tongues Vs. Languages

Thus, the WebCreek family combines profiles from different cultures: there are Cubans, Mexicans, Ecuadorians, Colombians, Peruvians, Venezuelans, British, Americans, Canadians, Ukrainians, and Egyptians. Some of them work in specialized programming languages, such as Python, ASP.NET Core, C ++, Javascript, or any other; and “good morning” is shared in Russian, English, or the multiple dialects of American Spanish. Diversity helps to create an open environment–even working remotely in a global language, such as English–fostering the exchange of technology, work culture, and knowledge. That is to say, a set of diverse capacities collaborate on multiple tasks, facing any challenge and making it possible to develop any product; there will always be someone in the team with the necessary skills for it.

Faith in humanity

Collaboration in search of a common goal leads to compliance and teamwork, beyond just that of the daily grind. Everyone in the company brings his/her own interesting characteristics, which are contributed to our work culture. For example, our different age ranges allow us to test applications and programming languages that are as diverse as our birth dates, and, of course, the way we were raised.

As we know, each individual’s cultural origins influence her/his productivity, and the ability to churn out results. Holidays likewise differ across national borders; in some ways an impediment to efficiency, many businesses may decide not to support their employees’ culturally varying calendars.  But in a company like WebCreek, whose main belief system roots in technology and its invaluable advancement, such holidays actually become very relevant. They are part of what makes us unique, defining to each culture or ethnicity; they are integral to personal reflection and discipline in spiritual belief, likewise absolutely respected in WebCreek’s work culture.

Are we going for a coffee?

When the time for food and recreation arrives, diversity multiplies exponentially. In WebCreek, the main value is respect; thus, accepting the differences and peculiarities of each collaborator is essential to achieve a balance of cultures. This is the WebCreek table: tacos, arepas, burgers, fish and chips, holubtsi or kruschiki.

And obviously, tequila, vodka, beer, pisco–of course and needless to say, drinks do not know borders, neither does toasting with them! We also celebrate our audacity to learn about other cultures through their sacraments, swear words, and spirits.

Crossovers are also the order of the day: it is common to see Venezuelan programmers in the Ecuador WebCreek office preparing breakfasts, with arepas that they then mix with the Ecuadorian tigrillo; or Mexicans who illustrate Cubans with the Tacopedia, and demystify them trying a variety of sauces: “This is the not spicy one,” they say with a smile on their faces.

At the same time, in the company’s different offices in both hemispheres, are activities in which anyone may participate, like playing Pictionary, or recently, online English conversation courses. Somehow, just like in Kubrick’s film, all of us on board this ship called WebCreek launch ourselves on the same odyssey, in the fulfillment of a mission. And thanks to technology, we keep in close contact with each other. So, you readers, do not think too much; come to share your culture, and … who knows, maybe that special person you’re looking for is just a chat away, waiting for someone from another culture to establish contact.

Are you a multicultural, multilingual, multifaceted, misunderstood programming genius, and do you like food from other countries? There is a place for you here, at WebCreek.