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WebCreek Talents Companies Need In Any Tech Project 

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Pedro Pazmiño
ByPor Pedro Pazmiño

Pedro is the creative director for Webcreek. For the past 8 years, he’s worked on branding and advertising for multinational companies, prioritising the UX/UI functions of products for client projects. He’s passionate about creating outstanding graphic outputs through original design, and loves the color blue.

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Different tech projects need different talents—that’s true. But there are some talents companies need in any tech project. Talents that are needed to form the backbone of any tech project’s team to make it successful. Each would focus on their relevant integral parts of the project to complete the project according to the set requirements. And don’t be fooled into thinking that tech projects only need developers for the creation of the software solution being made. 

Tech projects are more than just code. Along with coding, they require people who provide good content, those who ensure the app is easy to use, those that ensure that it’s functional and those to ensure the entire project collectively goes well. With each having their own responsibility, each talent arm of the project will work simultaneously to meet their individual goal in furtherance of the overall project goal.

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4 Talents Companies Need in Any Tech Project

Here are some WebCreek talents that cover every needed arm of any tech project, and how they contribute to the project…

talents companies need in any tech project

Project Lead

WebCreek’s Project Leads can be considered the heart of the project. They ensure as best as possible that the project stays on track with its goals for the entire period. They deal with any hiccups that may happen during the project period as well as support the project by motivating, guiding and ensuring individual team members meet their relevant goals and objectives.

Even though individual talents are capable of meeting their own goals and objectives, everyone needs a boost once in a while. Plus project leads will help connect the various arms of the project to each other since each talent may be hyper focused on their sole task without ensuring each of their work coincides with their other team members. 

Project Leads can really make or break a project since they function as the project’s glue. Individuals may perform their individual tasks well, but may not have the skills to bring the project together as it should be. The project lead would have the required skills to bring all the talents together to ensure they are on the same page. 

talents companies need in any tech project 2

QA Analyst

WebCreek’s Quality Assurance Analysts know what the outcome of the application should be. Not just by the client’s or WebCreek’s standard, but the standards maintained within the tech industry, and those needed to compete with the client’s competitors.  QAs don’t just work off their gut feelings, they develop a plan to test the application that is measured by certain metrics.  QAs should test the project’s applications and other technical products to identify and resolve bugs, defects, and other potential issues.

talents companies need in any tech project 3

UX Designer

Our developers focus on the functionality, while our UX Designers are focused on an application’s usability, functionality and design. They ensure the user experience is smooth, efficient and pleasant. They ensure the applications made by developers can appeal to the intended audience. However, they both work together so that developers can make the application to facilitate the UX Designer’s ideas. WebCreek UX designers put themselves in the shoes of the user. They create personas based on research and data to determine what the ideal user would need from the application to have a good experience, and feel the need to continue using it. They also keep up with industry and competitor trends to ensure the application is inline with industry standards and can compete in their relevant market. Overall. WebCreek UX Designers ensure that the customers perspective of the application is favorable.

Content Specialist 

Every tech project needs a Content Specialist. They ensure all things communication regarding the project is covered. Whether it be within the project, or external branding and marketing of the project. Content Specialist research content, consumer trends, and strategies, to create content within the application and content to market the application.  WebCreek Content Specialists are responsible for creating all the digital content for the application. They will create dynamic and engaging content  that will boost the marketability, engagement, and awareness of the app. They also create material that will bring the attention of the target audience to the application. 

These are WebCreek talents companies need in any tech project. Each serves a different purpose but compliments each other in a team very well. They ensure all a different part of the project is dealt with in furtherance of the success of the project. WebCreek has all these talents, and more, ready to make any project successful. Reach out to us to secure your own team to produce high quality applications.