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Evolution of Cloud Computing for Oil and Gas

evolution of cloud computing for oil and gas
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Anelisse Chanakos
ByPor Anelisse Chanakos

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Many companies in the oil and gas industry have realized the beneficial features cloud computing can bring. So, many have made the switch, or are in the process of switching to cloud computing, instead of traditional data storage and administration practices. With the switch to cloud computing the oil and gas industry has benefitted from more efficient monitoring and quality assurance practices, reduced costs on data storage, more secure cybersecurity mechanisms, and new innovations to aid the development of the industry. 

Cloud Computing and Oil & Gas

Cloud Computing allows the oil and gas industry to use a network of remote servers to manage, store, filter, and process data all on the internet. This way the companies can monitor and manage operations from anywhere, and not just where operations take place or where the data is stored. Plus, they no longer have to turn to storing their data on hardware servers or on computers. Cloud computing affords many oil and gas companies the ability to manage some of the world’s most essential commodities much easier than with traditional operational practices. With cloud computing assisting with storage, costs, efficiency, security, and even innovations, the oil and gas industry is making use of important technological advancements.

Notable Benefits of Cloud Computing on Oil & Gas

Data Storage

Oil & Gas companies use up a lot of data (over 10TB daily) to regulate, monitor, and control their day-to-day operations. Before cloud computing, they usually stored their data in-house on hardware storage private servers. The issue with this is that the more production and operation that takes place within the company, the more data they’ll produce—which means the need for more storage and more physical space to house their hardware storage devices. This creates a huge inconvenience for a lot of companies, since they may not have the space they need to store and maintain these storage devices. 

But with cloud computing, there’s no trouble or need to house large physical storage devices, Data is stored on an online database that can be scaled according to the company’s needs. Plus when it comes to maintaining this online database, there’s no need to learn a whole new data storage system. With Many companies provide cloud computing outsourcing services by experts who know exactly how to manage and optimize data. 

Reduced Costs

Without the need for physical storage and in-house private servers, which comes with purchasing, storing, and maintaining, companies save a lot of money with cloud computing. The servers needed to facilitate the huge amounts of data oil and gas companies produce are expensive, hard to maintain, and hard to store. With cloud computing, less money is spent on purchasing large servers, and server maintenance, which are both very expensive. All data are housed in a digital space accessed on the internet, allowing any scalability to take place in the cloud.

cloud computing for oil and gas


Cloud computing makes it much easier to organize all the data you have, and when the time comes, find the data you need. Documentation, records, and management tools are all in the same place, ready to be accessed by those who need access. So, there’s no need to spend time searching servers and files for important information. More time can be spent on the actual production and operation process using the data needed and retrieved for relevant maintenance, compliance, and quality assurance practices.

Cloud computing makes collaborating with other employees much easier, and faster. It utilizes in-house real-time collaborative programs that allow easy flow of communication across sectors or departments in the company. This way production, management, and decisions are more efficient when not held up by communication. Processes that can be held up due to the need for certain approvals or reviews can go quicker due to the faster chain of communication.

WebCreek has spent a lot of time in the Oil & Gas industry assisting companies in making the transition to cloud computing. With teams dedicated to carrying out projects including developers, quality assurance experts, and industry experts, WebCreek can ensure companies needing to keep up with the rapid evolution of the oil and gas industry, can do that as effectively and efficiently as possible. 

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