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“We Connect the Dots”

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Rafael Ríos
ByPor Rafael Ríos

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A software company’s slogan is, in addition to a declaration of intentions, also a code. In the following lines, I will show the possible reasons and intellectual framework that lead leading minds at WebCreek, Inc. to choose its catchphrase and design its logo, which may seem to fall under a number of interpretations. So, get ready to cross the web and let its multifaceted waters flow.  

In Its Own Words

The business of over 2 decades of experience in The Woodlands, Texas, designs, constructs, and gives technical support to business software applications, with a mobile, web, and cloud presence. Within the company’s strategic interests, they offer two lines of IT outsourcing services: customized software and team extension or respective consulting services. This is effectively carried out by means of an agile application of nearshoring, in order to share time zones and working hours with even the most demanding clients, and fulfill all their expectations. 

“Connecting” is a Multifaceted Task  

The idea of establishing links with strategic allies and different cultures is one of the company’s main strengths; each mind is its own world, and all of them together form a vast and flexible universe. We connect developers, creative teams, business analysts, and project leads from different nationalities, in our Houston, Medellín, Lima, México, Quito, and Ukraine offices. The fact that we have these worldwide offices under a single time zone, especially that of the US and Canada, allows us to maintain efficient work and achieve continuity and follow-up on all our projects.   


In colloquial language, we hear the saying, “to dot your i’s.” This refers to the dedicated work style that makes sure to complete a job with meticulous care. Working this way avoids misunderstandings; that is, it punctuates to leave everything perfectly stipulated.  This is a key point for WebCreek. The 5 dots that unite a straight line in the company’s logo refer to the values with which they align: objectivity, consistency, versatility, collaboration, and innovation. 

To the point

In geometry, the minimum expression of space is understood as a point–or a dot. In a Cartesian plane, this sign is the equivalent of the atom of our three-dimensional existence, the smallest material expression. Likewise, these exceptional WebCreek dots–which represent ideas, people, and information–join together, thanks to the good working practices of a business dedicated to technology. It spans the distance between one point and the next, and establishes a line, a bridge, a uniting knot, just like you observe in the “W” of WebCreek’s logo. 

Diverse points

Sometimes, it goes unnoticed that this company “connects the dots” (develops solutions) for some of the biggest companies that power our world. That’s why a large part of its human talent has such fascinating nuances, from 3D Designers to Mechanical Engineers, who create all kinds of key installations and machinery for the energy industry.  


Double “U” is the only name for this letter, according to the RAE (Royal Spanish Academy) announcement in 2010. Various aspects of WebCreek relate to this shape, like its origin place in The Woodlands, in Texas, USA. It’s a privileged region where the most important software firms applied in the energy sector have developed over the last 2 decades. Also in “W” are the different hubs located throughout Latin America through WeWork, a community for small businesses looking to settle themselves through networking in different regions of the world. Likewise, WebCreek supports innovative proposals through the renovation of Websites, like our pro-bono work with ReciVeci in Ecuador. And, very importantly, WebCreek invests in the Well-Being of all our collaborators, through constant training, nutrition talks and improvements in the work environment. 

The Coffee: Oh, fee, in the office

Revealing stats appear on the company’s website: 716 lines of code per hour, 20,427 satisfied, clients, and 32 cups of coffee per day. Caffeine, in reality, doesn’t wake us up… but it holds back the main component of the brain that provokes sleep. This substance, (adenosine), accumulates during the day and reduces the levels of the body’s energy, raising our drowsiness.  Likewise, in the diverse WebCreek offices, after drinking a sacred and large cup of morning coffee, our collaborators let the caffeine do its thing, and thus honor one of the company’s slogans: “Coffee & Perseverance”.

Joining generations, cultures, and talents

WebCreek’s complete infrastructure adds up to hundreds of employees, working in regional offices and general barracks. We are all multifaceted professional in our areas, and also possess our own hidden talents. Just some of them are musicians, singers, tango and salsa dancers, chefs, gamers, bikers, writers, photographers, and artists. More, all of this human talent–united by the passion to learn and for technology–covers generations from those experienced Baby Boomers, to the balanced and neutral Xennials, to the holistic and dedicated Millennials. All of these individuals communicate on a single platform and in English; but at lunch hour, they share their own cultures’ typical gastronomy, and enjoy trying new things from their generous coworkers. 

In Dots We Trust

One of the fundamental parts of WebCreek’s success is it’s pure, open, and cooperative communication, across each one of its dots. In other words, its Human Resources team, in addition to communicating in real-time through Slack chat, also writes on a general channel, a channel division for each country, and an interesting tab titled “random,” where all kinds of shares and posts abound. This last channel shows a little-known side of the software company that goes from symbolism to mysticism, passing through psychology and publicity to the depths of humor and technological satire. 

Connect the Dots and Color

A popular form of visual entertainment that appears in the books and magazines of my childhood consists of connecting the numbered dots on a white page, in order to create a larger image. Likewise, navigating WebCreek’s webpage, I found isolated words that, when linked in new reading order, gave me this phrase that I now share with you:

Tech Junkies in a Tech Squad under Digital Harmony like Software Geeks with Digital Imagination in a Digital Love Affair: Digital Dreamers”

Final Point

After these reflections–this exercise to decode WebCreek’s core through its public positions– I’ve found dots that remain floating, and that mix with the immense ocean of data on the web. Thus, it’s now the responsibility of our friendly readers–to continue weaving and discover what unites the dots, to trace a panoramic image of the coming decades’ future, in which more and more points will be connected by the subtle lines of the double-u.  

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