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Start Me Up: Top Tech Startups and What Makes Their Bright Ideas

top tech startups
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Shannon Cantor
ByPor Shannon Cantor

Shannon’s craving for knowledge inspired her studies in languages and literature, and has ultimately driven her into a career of research and writing. She has spent the past years immersed in conversations surrounding IT business strategy, creating content that synthesizes these concepts and enhances our understanding of them. She is a published academic author, content specialist, and--in her “free” time-- project manager in the non-profit sector.

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The technology sector has always found pride in its innovation, progress, and continuing novelty. And, although conglomerates like Google and Apple do dominate the field, new IT companies also constantly spring into action to contribute fresh ideas. Below are just a few of Forbes Magazine’s top tech startups of 2019. With a small infrastructure, they are agile enough to be efficient without red tape; with savvy new business models, they are capable of pushing our limits and inspiring our imaginations. And their company longevity is just getting started. 

Chainanalysis: This tech company pushes the wave of cryptocurrency, creating software that analyzes the virtual coin’s spending. It helps financial institutions to screen customers and government agencies to track down illegal spending. With the bitcoin as the hot new currency, this type of efficient screening software is not only a convenient gadget; it is proving to be a business necessity. Many finance companies are amping their tech prowess through such mobile applications, leveraging the expertise of developers that support digital financial operations

RigUp: RigUp links workers and service companies with hundreds of thousands of oil and gas rigs. The oil and gas industry spans the globe with employment opportunities; however, only recently is this infrastructure being developed to effectively and efficiently fill in these job vacancies. RigUp vets and classifies potential candidates, and then facilitates contact between the big-shot decision-makers and the potential collaborators. Once new hires come onto the scene, they face a deep training process. This is where other ingenious tech companies have entered, developing an interactive VR training software that mitigates risks and streamlines effective work. 

Rothy’s: The product has gained cult popularity in the last three years of its existence. But the advanced technology that forms it doesn’t manifest in digital code nor fancy software. Rather, the trend is something much simpler: a shoe. Rothy’s has produced shoes made from recycled plastic water bottles, leveraging recycling and manufacturing technology towards a creative new spin. Many worldwide eco-conscious buyers are thrilled about the new use. Likewise, WebCreek Inc. is supporting the neighborhood recycling efforts that are on the rise in Ecuador, proving that technology can and does use progress to support our planet. 

FourKites: This startup uses logistics technology to track large worldwide shipments. Its advanced programs ensure that other company’s goods are safe and managed efficiently. The software fills a major industrial need to carefully monitor business’ investments.  

Lattice: Lattice provides businesses with a new HR strategy, in order to create more effective teams. The company’s advanced human services software changes use surveys to shift focus from employee evaluation to career development. Huge worldwide companies employ the services for more cohesive team dynamics, realizing that this is an essential aspect of company success. Other enterprises invest in their teams by hiring organizational psychologists who are experts in such work– caring for overall employee well-being and creating spaces of dynamic collaboration. 

Daily, smart thinkers are innovating new solutions to common problems; these tech startups have simply done so on the big stage. But behind all of their successes is this common denominator: channeling resources– mental, technological, and otherwise. They have been able to leverage the newest programming software towards simple solutions, which make lives easier and fills business needs. This ability for constant improvement is perhaps the biggest advantage of these top tech startups and the most intentional goal that the sector should hold high. For there is a responsibility that comes with great minds, great resources, and great innovation. And for these new companies and many already successful innovators, that combination is sparking bright ideas.