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Is it possible to develop low cost high quality software?

high quality software development
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Allan Seeman
ByPor Allan Seeman

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IT teams used to think that developing high quality software could be an expensive and difficult task. However, with the new concept of nearshoring, IT teams all over the world can develop custom software in a quick and inexpensive way. Deciding to use nearshoring teams allows your organization to increase their productivity, respond rapidly to change and reduce costs.

In the past, it was common for companies in the U.S.and Europe to look for local contractors to develop custom software solutions. Having local resources was an effective solution in the past, however with the global expansion and the technological tools that are available for organizations these days, they have realized that working with outsourcing teams is a great solution. But they often find out that distance matters!

Nearshoring services can be the perfect match for some IT teams – it offers the benefits of offshoring (cost reduction, top talent, and solutions ), while it reduces difficulties imposed by the distance from clients. Studies on software development practices have shown that for some cases – distance can bring difficulties with real-time communication, control, and supervision. Creating social bonds and building trust can be challenging when working with outsourcing teams that are very far away.

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Low Cost – High Quality Software

Companies can not only develop low-cost quality solutions, but a nearshoring partner can also help your organization to manage successfully IT software projects. These will be managed according to the specific needs of each project.

Nearshoring companies in Latin American countries can deliver high-quality services. This is due to top talented, bilingual resources (engineers, software developers, analysts, and strategists) that they have. For instance, countries like Mexico graduate more engineers than the United States. The country graduates an average of 120,000 new engineers a year. Mexico’s top universities are pushing hard to create the talent the country needs to grow and develop its tech ecosystem.

In summary, delivering effective, compliant, inexpensive, fast, and top quality software solutions can be achieved using outsource software development companies that will act as an extension of your local team!

Does distance matter when developing software solutions?

The advantages of proximity between the development team and the client can promote better communications, transparency and a sense of closeness. Even though we have the technological advancements and the processes that allow companies to work remotely, location and distance still matter. Being ‘close” reduces the difficulties associated with working with faraway remote teams and embraces the communication and motivation amongst teams.

When we refer to IT teams, people tend to think that social skills are not that important. It has been identified by different companies that one of the key factors that need to be considered when working with a nearshoring partner is getting the right talent. This not only means that people have the skills and expertise required to perform their duties, but they also have the social skills to interact with clients and manage the projects successfully. Ensuring that you select the right talent with the right skills, can result in two main benefits (Reduced Costs Improved Productivity = High Quality Software).

In addition to the above, it is vital to take into consideration that IT partners that only supply developers and leave all the process management and people management to your organization might not be the best option as well. Having good communication and project management guidelines from day 1 will helps aligning the right talent to the business strategy. Companies must seek nearshoring partners who can really demonstrate that they can behave as if they were part of your team!

Organizations have recently realized that ‘social performance ’ can be considered as important as ‘financial performance’. Having teams of works that get along and understand each other without major obstacles will result in more productivity and more motivated resources. Nearshoring ensures that cultural backgrounds are similar and there are no major barriers to working habits or communication. By ensuring that the team feels comfortable with the collaboration, the work quality increases and at the same time, costs will be reduced.


It can be concluded that choosing a nearshoring partner must not be based only on the financial side but it also has to be socially beneficial for both the hiring and the host company.

Often, choosing local IT partners is not only good for practical reasons but for its social impact. We now live in an age where businesses increasingly pay attention to the imprint they leave around themselves in response to consumers’ ever-increasing demands and constant change.

Nowadays, organizations have to get used to being accountable for the decisions they make, and choosing their nearshoring team is one of them.