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WebCreek Ukraine: Changing the Nearshoring Business Model?

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Shannon Cantor
ByPor Shannon Cantor

Shannon’s craving for knowledge inspired her studies in languages and literature, and has ultimately driven her into a career of research and writing. She has spent the past years immersed in conversations surrounding IT business strategy, creating content that synthesizes these concepts and enhances our understanding of them. She is a published academic author, content specialist, and--in her “free” time-- project manager in the non-profit sector.

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Lviv, Ukraine is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, filled with mystery, history, and intrigue. It is known for its cobblestone streets, haunted cathedrals, and layers of old and modern. Ukrainian national pride thrives in this cultural center, which at once features a young and diverse community of modern innovators. It is also the perfect home for a select WebCreek team in our nearshoring business model— the fireball experts from across the pond, who help drive our quality and train our thinkers.

Although seemingly paradoxical, our Lviv location doesn’t actually contradict our commitment to our nearshoring business model. In fact, the geographically-distant office strategically enforces WebCreek’s nearshoring efficiency. Here’s how it works: This team features specialized backstage productive talent, experts who provide support to all of our teams. While our USA and Latin American offices work accumulating questions throughout their working days, our Ukraine specialists don’t miss a beat, continuing projects’ progress during the “night” hours. That is the at the heart of our nearshoring business.

In general, the tech industry is booming throughout Ukraine. It provides steady prosperity nation-wide, despite other economic degression. With a long heritage of tech guru nationals– WhatsApp founder, Jan Koum; PayPal co-founder, Max Levchin; and Wifi co-founder, Alexander Galitsky– the sector now sources 3-5% of the country’s total GDP (Patterson, 2017). The government also recognizes and supports this flourishment, investing into top-notch education across the board, with a special emphasis on both technology innovation and the English language. Competitive wages, world-renowned expertise, and a thriving Research and Development community all draw the world’s top technology companies to source employment opportunities to Ukraine nationals (Information, 2017).

WebCreek likewise has excitedly jumped into Ukraine’s innovation synergy. Our Lviv office’s dedication reaches clients in the European / Asian markets in real time, while its consultancy then provides round-the-clock answers to our teams across the ocean. We’re stoked to tap into this wealth of tech culture, and proud of the efficient expertise that it contributes to our quality production.