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How We Connect Talent to Companies in over 18 Countries Across the World

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Jason Bott
ByPor Jason Bott

Jason has been working as a consultant and project manager with enterprises of all sizes for over 20 years. His expertise lies in utilizing technology to solve problems that reduce costs and increase profits. He has been instrumental in implementing successful software projects for Shell, NOV, C&J, Nabors, Total, Halliburton, Baker Hughes, Noble, American Tower, AIG, NASA, Nike as well as many smaller firms.

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Even with a successful recruitment process to hire top talent, there is still a need to effectively connect talent to companies. The relationship between talent and customers is essential for the flow and success of customer projects. So, the project may not be as successful without careful consideration when creating the customer-talent relationship. 

Matching talent should be more than qualifications. It should be about past experiences, relatability to project specifics, the ability to master those specifics, and customer input, which is our approach at WebCreek. 

We aim to ensure every talent-customer match is the right one. We want both the customer experience and talent experience to be favorable. While we wish the customer’s project will succeed, we also want the project to challenge the talent because, without success and growth, the match won’t be a win-win for all. 

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How We Connect Talent to Companies: Matching Process

To find the right match, we undergo a series of steps. These include input from all three parties; the talent, the customers, and us. With this trinity, all parties are on the same page. Then we start our seven-step matching process to find pre-vetted candidates.  However, if there are un-vetted candidates, we add two more steps. 

  1. Database Search

WebCreek always keeps a database of pre-vetted and non-vetted talents that serve as candidates when customers request talent(s) they need for their team or project. After assessing the details and requirements of the customer’s project, we search our database for CVs. We match the talent CVs with the qualifications and experience needed for the specific project.

  1. Testing – (Un-vetted)

Where we have not pre-vetted a candidate, we will test their skills through various industry-standard assessments. Where necessary, we ask candidates to take a coding exercise. Subsequently, we evaluate the tests and activities based on the highest standards to ensure top quality. 

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  1. Interviewing – (Un-vetted)

After un-vetted candidates have undergone the necessary tests. We have industry experts conduct in-house technical interviews to ensure they meet the standard of work required by WebCreek and its customers. We also review whether they fit and can abide by the culture and conduct standards required by WebCreek. Once un-vetted candidates have completed steps two and three, we consider them pre-vetted. 

  1. Customer Profile Evaluation

After choosing candidates whose CVs match the project’s requirements, we send them to the customer. From there, the customer will do their in-house evaluations based on the needs and policies of their project or company. 

  1. Customer Talent Interview.

The customer will also need to interview the talent. We arrange for the customer’s evaluation team to conduct technical interviews. The interview follows the same customer standards and requirements as the profile evaluation.  

  1. Customer Approval

Once the customer is satisfied with the talent, following the profile evaluation and interview, the customer approves the candidate to move forward. Where the customer does not believe the talent would be a suitable fit for their project, Webcreek will try another match. 

  1. Background Check

WebCreek is dedicated to doing anything we can to ensure customer safety, including reference and criminal background checks. The reference will help shed light on the character of the talent and their past performances at previous jobs, while the police record seeks to identify any past criminal activity on the part of the candidate. These are important to see how honest and trustworthy the candidate is, especially since they may work with sensitive customer and company information. 

  1. Agreement

Once we have verified the references and background checks, we make arrangements for all parties to sign the contractual agreement. We draft the contract for the company and the candidate and take care of all the other paperwork involved. All companies need to do for this step is read the contract and sign. 

  1. Collaboration begins!

Once both parties sign the labor contract and any other agreements accompanying it, the project can begin!