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Why Businesses Need A Progressive Web App

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Allan Seeman
ByPor Allan Seeman

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Are you running a business and confused about the fact why businesses need a progressive web app? You might be shocked that according to eMarketer Applications account for over 90% of internet time on smartphones and 77% of internet time on tablets.  With such wide use of applications today, does it make sense for your company to build a custom mobile app for your clients and customers to use? Custom web applications can bring cross-platform and cross-browser access, usability and should be designed to scale as your business grows. This, along with the high-level of personalization, can provide a physical representation of the expertise your company has.

Here are 6 reasons that will show you why a progressive web app is crucial for a successful business:

  • Accessibility 24/7
  • Global Presence
  • Brand Education
  • Improved Credibility
  • Customer Support
  • Better User Experience

Accessibility 24/7

While it might not be practical to have live staff available to answer questions around the clock, it is possible to give your customers the answers they are looking for, when they have the question. Providing a quick response through a progressive web app means that many of the standard questions that a customer or user has can be handled through automation, freeing up time for live agents to deal with more complex problems. With a custom web app, it will help your team focus on what is the most important, and streamline your workflow.

Global Presence

There are many industries that can benefit from expanding their digital horizons. It makes sense that if, for instance, a construction company is able to make their jobs more efficient and save money, any other construction company can benefit from their insights. This is where a custom app can help you open up to a larger and global audience.

Progressive Web App in Brand Education

One of the best ways to promote your brand and expand your reach is through education. A good place to start is, by showing potential customers how to solve a problem that they are currently having. Nowadays, companies can automatically solve users problems with the use of an app. Placing your brand alongside a strategically designed and fully functioning custom app is one of the best ways to increase awareness amongst your products and services.

Improved Credibility

One of the most difficult parts of marketing and promoting your company is to prove that your organization knows what they are talking about. A web app should be a physical representation of your specialties. If it can meet an actual need in your industry, it demonstrates your understanding of the problems that your prospects and clients face. Having a web progressive application establishes your company as a thought leader in your industry while providing the services and products that your prospects and clients need.

Customer Support

One of the primary ways a custom web app can help with your everyday business is through assisting in customer support. Artificial Intelligence is currently being used through Interactive bots ‘chatbots” to answer questions that your clients may have. These “chatbots” help answer a few simple questions and screen requests in order to send them to the right people, alternatively, by using a Socratic questioning method it is possible for the “chatbot” to come up with solutions on its own. In either application, it is a great way to provide quick answers to common questions, while freeing up existing staff to focus on other high priority items.

Better User Experience

As mentioned earlier, the use of smartphones and mobile technologies is becoming hard to ignore. Nowadays, having access to any information you need at your fingertips is expected. Providing a digital solution for your clients and prospects can put you ahead of your competitors by providing a better user experience to your clients. A strategically designed web application can anticipate your clients’ needs and provide answers in the most agile and effective ways. This will undoubtedly help increase customer satisfaction.


While developing a custom software application can seem complicated and can be perceived as a lot of work, WebCreek can show your organization a clear path to your online success. A new website design along with a mobile application, will not only propel you past your competitors, but  also help provide a better user experience for your existing and future clients.