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Advantages of Using a Global Tech Company

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Pedro Pazmiño
ByPor Pedro Pazmiño

Pedro is the creative director for Webcreek. For the past 8 years, he’s worked on branding and advertising for multinational companies, prioritising the UX/UI functions of products for client projects. He’s passionate about creating outstanding graphic outputs through original design, and loves the color blue.

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When we talk about a Global Tech Company, we usually talk about how good being global is for the company itself. Or we talk about the benefits of being global for the employees. But there is rarely any mention of these advantages for customers. 

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What is a Global Tech Company?

A Global Company is one that invests in various countries all over the world by having subsidiaries or centers in different countries. Though these companies have various hubs around the globe, they usually have a headquarters in one country. All the hubs including the headquarters share the same identity, policies and services. Each hub may have tweaks to meet the needs of their specific geolocation. But the general identity and brand remains the same. 

Global Tech Companies have hubs all over the globe. Technological advancements are rapidly improving and becoming popular. So, as the need for IT services for market competitiveness increases across the globe, tech companies try to meet these needs. Hubs are not always physical spaces or offices for the mother company. They may take up a virtual or remote space in the country and provide services remotely to their hub country. 

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What Customers Get

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  1. Diverse Talent 

A Global tech company with hubs all across the globe have a very obvious advantage – professionals from all over the world. With a global company in IT you have access to professionals and graduates from countless universities. Universities with various syllabi, practices, and techniques teach these professionals a variety of lessons that combined can find the best solution to customers’ technical issues. 

Diverse talent from all over the world gives customers the advantage of people with exposure to different cultural practices. Professionals should be able to make software for a variety of different people with different beliefs, practices and cultures. Software development should never be one-size fits all. Just like when global fast food chains adjust their seasonings and menu offerings  based on the country they are in, to relate and suit customers. That’s what global tech companies can bring. 

  1. High Quality Talent for Less Expenses 

Many Global companies, IT companies included, don’t have the same expenses domestic companies do. Operating in hubs all over the world that don’t subject them to the taxes and regulations their mother hub country incurs a lot less expenses.  Especially when the various hubs are in a virtual environment and do not have many physical offices, many overhead costs are avoided. 

So, with less being spent on production, customers don’t need to break the bank to render their services. Customers have access to the same or even better quality talent for their project than domestic companies, for a more affordable cost. 

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  1. Access to the Newest Global Innovations

Regardless of where major technology began or where the major places known for technological advancements are, these innovations have no one home. Technological professionals and innovators are all over the world. Sometimes using or working on the latest technologies that major tech giant countries don’t know about or are still trying to figure out. 

But with Global companies, especially in tech, their eyes and ears are close to the ground. With employees from across the globe that are eager to continue to find new innovations and solutions, global companies can always be on top of their game. 

So, with Global Companies customers can feel comfortable knowing that they won’t get the bare minimum when it comes to the techniques and tools used on their projects. Professionals that are hungry for innovation and improvement are working on their projects. 

  1.  Efficiency & Productivity

One of the features of global companies with hubs in different countries is the ability to work in different time zones to fit the needs of different companies around the world. Working in one time zone in one language can limit the possibilities a company can offer and the service customers can get. 

Global companies can have customers’ projects being worked on without being restricted to one language or time zone, since global tech companies provide professionals from different countries and who speak different languages.