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7 Reasons Why IT Nearshoring Beats Offshoring

7 reasons why nearshoring is better than offshoring
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Shannon Cantor
ByPor Shannon Cantor

Shannon’s craving for knowledge inspired her studies in languages and literature, and has ultimately driven her into a career of research and writing. She has spent the past years immersed in conversations surrounding IT business strategy, creating content that synthesizes these concepts and enhances our understanding of them. She is a published academic author, content specialist, and--in her “free” time-- project manager in the non-profit sector.

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In the world of outsourcing software development, you never lack options. But only one strategy brings the efficiency that companies desire, with the savings that outsourcing promises, at the quality that customers demand. Here are 7 reasons why more companies choose IT Nearshoring over any other outsourcing strategy, and why you’ll want to choose it, too.

1. Radical Cost-Efficiency  

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China and India may have a reputation for the most affordable labor costs; but exactly this fame has caused the high demand to squeeze supply. Wages in China are climbing 10-15% per year, making the much larger talent pool in Latin America nearly equal in price. 

2. Shared Working Hours 

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When your team expands south, and not east, you don’t cross time zones. Instead of scheduling conference calls at all hours of the night, or waiting 12-24 hours for a response to your simple question, you find collaborators who work when you do. Nearshoring guarantees instant communication, normal work hours, and higher productivity.   

3. Expert Talent 

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Latin American universities are gaining recognition for their caliber; countries like Mexico, Colombia, and Ecuador have invested into international PhD professors, scholarships for students, and top-notch facilities. And the other major benefit of the Latin American talent pool, on top of its training and experience? It’s not over-saturated, and the pickings aren’t slim. 

4. World-Class Infrastructure 

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Fast internet connections, cutting-edge tech facilities, and top server networks form a rigorous tech backbone across Latin America. It supports the working teams and seamlessly connects them to their US partners. 

5. Venn Diagrammed Culture and Language

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Teams in nearby countries have a high crossover of language and business practice familiarity. With communication as key to successful project development, nearshoring counts on these shared understandings to avoid mishap and confusion. 

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Privacy protection in Asia is flexible and feeble. But sharp regulations in Latin America ensure that IP addresses are safe and companies’ data is protected. 

7. Team Longevity 

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Who wants a working crew that’s constantly changing? In India, an average 55% of employees drop out within 1 year. On the other hand, family-oriented Latin American experts stick around long-term. 

Winning in outsourcing means imagining your next digital solution near. It means uniting with a nearshoring team to reach the goals you define– whether augmenting current operations or creating something totally new. For custom software development— the making of digital solutions tailored to your business needs– traditional offshoring just doesn’t make the cut. Igniting your custom software requires quality and efficiency, and all the 7 wonders of the IT Nearshoring world.

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