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3 WebCreek Practices that Ensure Fast Candidate Presentation

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Jason Bott
ByPor Jason Bott

Jason has been working as a consultant and project manager with enterprises of all sizes for over 20 years. His expertise lies in utilizing technology to solve problems that reduce costs and increase profits. He has been instrumental in implementing successful software projects for Shell, NOV, C&J, Nabors, Total, Halliburton, Baker Hughes, Noble, American Tower, AIG, NASA, Nike as well as many smaller firms.

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When outsourcing talent, a significant concern for hiring companies is whether they will receive suitable candidates and have fast candidate presentation. Many businesses desire to start projects in the shortest possible time and so rely on outsourcing companies to provide talent fast.

So, what does this mean for the outsourcing company? 

First, defining the needs of the client’s business and then sifting through candidates’ droves to ensure the chosen ones are a good fit for the project. This also involves assessing whether the candidate has sufficient experience working in the industry, their efficiency and productivity level, communication skills, deadline adherence, and their ability to foster and maintain  a good working relationship with the business without the interference of the outsourcing company.  

It can be challenging to find suitable candidates quickly, but at WebCreek, we have created a fool-proof candidate presentation strategy that allows us to present capable prospects swiftly. 

3-Step Fast Candidate Presentation Process.

Our 3-step process includes constantly recruiting, extensive testing, and organizing talent profiles. Each step plays a vital role in the presentation process and ensures we are ready to present proficient professionals at any time.  

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Of course, the first step in the candidate presentation process is searching for candidates. Constantly recruiting talent is vital to WebCreek’s staff augmentation model and ensures the availability of the required skill. Therefore, we continue to headhunt across the globe for skilled IT professionals daily. This process allows us to give companies a list of candidates to choose from for their projects or team. Plus, having a bank of candidates makes it easier to provide talent for multiple projects simultaneously. 

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The next step in the process is testing. 

WebCreek’s thorough testing process includes  a series of evaluations, assignments, and tests that assess whether the candidate can perform their duty to meet industry and WebCreek standards. We also conduct English-level assessments for candidates who may work on English-speaking teams. 

Other tests seek to examine the candidate’s proficiency based on their level of experience or qualifications to ensure they are equipped to work on internal and external projects. Thorough testing enables us to evaluate the candidate’s quality of work beyond what they have written on their resume. 

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Organizing Profiles

After testing and onboarding, we create profiles for each candidate based on positions, past experience, skill level, expertise, and certification, then place those in a database that categorizes them by skills. This unique and organized system reduces the search time for candidate presentations. This way, once a talent request or project scope comes to us, we can search through the database to handpick the best talent for the assigned project. 

At WebCreek, we know the importance of having quality and efficiency during a project, so our 3-step Candidate Presentation process offers you candidates in as little as two days. Get your next project on track sooner by allowing us to provide you with top-quality professionals. Contact Us to learn more or get started.